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Monday, February 22, 2010

Nutless Anonymous, 12 Step Program

1. Acceptance, The first step is admitting you have no nuts.
2. Believe there is a doctor out there who can restore our sanity, with neuticles.
3. Make the decision to leave our nuts behind us, and turn our live over to the Nutless Wonder
4. Conduct an inventory of all our remaining parts.
5. Admit that we have humped things in the past.
6. Admit that we are ready for the Nutless Wonder to remove any defects
7. Humbly ask the Nutless Wonder to remove our memories of our nuts, especially the fond licking memories
8. Make a list of everything and everyone we have humped
9. Apologize to our humpies and make amends
(Yes Spike that does included Stuffed animals to see @mattiedogs brofur Spike in action see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgfDb1Rp9G8)

10. Make a personal inventory of when you were humped ( I Baron am not the alpha of my pack and Moose has humped my head)
11. While licking oneself try to improve conscience contact with the Nutless Wonder
12. Have a spiritual awaking and become a Nutless Wonder and spread your teaching to other nutless animals in the world

P.S. Please know this post is in fun, i am in no way trying to make fun of the 12 step program


  1. I'm still werking on the first step. It's vary hard fur me to say "hi, my name is cheeto, and i'm cheeseball-less"

  2. Congrats Cheeto, The first step is the hardest

  3. Ok, this is fine 4 u nut-less boys, but what about GirlDoggies? No names please, but a certain yellow lab we know has a humping blanket addiction.

  4. Okay JinJin and Pixel, That yellow labby just makes me laugh the more I learn about her, she is so sweet. Weell I think I need to talk to Mom about maybe a Humpers Anonymous because my sisfur Lulu humps her little pink bed too!